Kim Woong Yong

Moving Image ++   

   Nameless head 

   if I only had the nerve

   gray matter 


   Quartz Cantos
   Soft Copy Drama
   Homo duplex   
   L’eau du fleuve 
   Palisade Park
   Crocodile tears


   Night and Fog

   Avoided names under the hard skin

   Ohotsk High Pressure


   Organum II - skin graft 

   Organum I


Book/DVD/Writing ++
   Liquid Script
   Exhibiting the Moving Image
   Quartz Cantos
   Soft Copy Drama



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Kim Woong Yong lives and works in Seoul, S. Korea. He is interested in the ways in which memories are made through outdated technological medium and the body and finds them in a specific historical and cultural context. In his view, the debris of medium seems a rupture in the present and he tries to extend on how it infiltrates and harbors over time transforming itself.

Following the idea, he focuses on the latent debris that re-emerges its demise and struggle, asking what force has kept a particular history in an unfulfilled past, what force the present is based on, influencing the present, and how memory is being transformed.

Therefore, his work proceeds in a way that finds the unfulfilled force hidden in the present. In this way, memory reproduces through technical medium and the body. The force goes through in a way that causes oscillates different time layers between history and the story, and in particular, the way the story reflects with a particular medium is effected to each other.

The works showed usually multidisciplinary mediums as film, video installation, and real-time video performance combining movie sets such as sequenced lighting installation, sound footage, play script, and 3D body simulation.


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We live our lives made up of a great quantity of isolated instants. So as to be lost at the heart of a multitude of things. (From the Double Dream of Spring, 1970.)