Wavelength 여자의 파장으로

single channel 4K video          9min 48s                    color
stereo                                      kr                                2021

This work made for two different scale versions for ACC media wall arcade 3770*800 dimension with small screens included and for 1.85:1 ratio. The video showed at ACC media wall in March, 2021.

Commissioned by Cinemafund, Asia Culture Center, Gwangju
Directed and conceived by KIM Woong Yong

Cast: KIM Hwan, HEO Jieun, KIM Gwangman
1st assistant of director: Go Iden
Director of photography: KIM Minjoo
Sound designer: KIM Sang Hyun
Editor: KIM Woong Yong

A woman dreamt and she tells of her dream that a sleeping man who is dreaming but it looks he is already dead. In that man’s dream, he was persued by lights. The woman doesn’t remember clearly if it was her dream or if it was some movies about a chased man in 1980, Gwangju. Different times are circulated in her narration.