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Night and Fog

real-time video performance        50 min                         b/w color
stereo                                            kr                                2018

Television was placed usually in livingroom or in parents room. Even when no one was there, the television was making sounds with a human voice. It was as it lives there as one of family. Color television was launched in earnest in the early 1980s, when I was born, according to the policy of the new military dictatorship. This work is based on two contrasting films developed around the family produced at that time. One shows to make a happy family made by goverment and the other one shows tragic broken family. I extracted parts of livingroom scene of scripts from the two original movies and juxtaposed on television and on stage as tv’s after effects. Asking how a new family was born by families in television, it shows controversial daily life of a family.

This work is performed simultaneously from stage to screen and vice versa using real-time transmission interface with two cameras, programmed lights and lip-synch with extracted voice from early 1980’s Korean propaganda films at studio M30, Seoul Art Scpace Mullae.

Supported by Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture
Directed and conceived by KIM Woong Yong

Cast: SEO Jeongjoon, KIM Naeri, AHN Taejoo
1st assistant of director: RHO Young Kyoung
Director of photography: JO Sunghwan
Assistant of photography: LEE Jaeseung
Stage light director: KOWN Najung
Technical director: KIM Woong Yong
Stage set designer: KIM Woong Yong
Graphic designer: KANG Jin (from Ordinary People)
Assistant of production: PARK Myoungjin, RYU Junwoo

Korean typical living room has invented when the first color television supplied in 1980. That is well-circulated from the screen to the living room vice versa as a theater play with repeating practice house habit and saying play lines by actors and actresses who call ‘family’.