Avoided names under the hard skin (피부 밑에 숨은 이름들)

real-time video performance                       60min                        color
stereo                                                           Kr                              2014

In my childhood, 1980’s, it was popular that Gwisin movie and TV drama. ‘Gwisin’ indicates korean ghost but in the movies, they typically showed women ghost at that time. They were usually dressed white gown with long hair and uncompleted bleeding body. I remember how strong that effect after watching a Gwisin movie. I felt hear the Gwisin’s voice in anytime and anywhere. That stereotype of Gwisin movie massively produced in the same period of dictatorship in 1960’s to 80’s when the Korean goverment officially pushed ahead modernization. 

Although different Gwisin movies, they seemingly have similar voice of Gwisin woman. One of reason that they made by dubbing with a few voice players. I extracted their voices form sevral Gwisin movies and I brought associated images as funeral ritual, reincarnation, amphibian animal ect. Similar dialog repeats three times on three small stages on stage. This work is performed lively on screen by real-time transmission interface with lip-synch by performers.

Commissioned by Multi-Arts Project, MMCA
Directed and choreographed by KIM Woong Yong

Cast: OH Ryung, KIM Nayeon, KIM Narae
Director of photography: KIM Woong Yong
Stage design: LEE Heejeong
Camera of stage: YU Changbeom, PAIK Heewon
Sound Designer: KWON Seon Wook
Costume: JEONG Jihye
Graphic and Editor: KIM Woong Yong

Akui ggot(fleur du mal), LEE Yong-min, 1961

Snake Lady, SHIN Sang-ok, 1969
“Cinema is an art of horror”

Wonyeo(Resented Woman), LEE Yu-seob, 1973