Wake (경야)

single channel 4K video          19min 46s                 color
stereo                                       Kr                             2019 

This video synchronized with programmed moving lights at ARKO Art Center.


Commissioned by ARKO Art Center 아르코미술관
Directed and conceived by KIM Woong Yong

1st assistant of director: Go Iden
Director of photography: KIM Minjoo
Sound designer: KIM Sanh Hyun
Graphic and editor: KIM Woong Yong 

ARKO Art Center curator: KIM MIjung 

I used to go to see my mother during she was admitted in a university hospital as a serious ill in 1996. One day, when I went there I experienced pepper-fog for the first time. It is recorded as the last student movement with pepper-fog and Molotov cocktail in South Korea. Recently, I saw an article in the online newspaper saying that they found the rolls of 35mm photo film taken pictures by anonymous photographer in 1996. It reminded me the moment of the last biggest student movement and how it ruined.

It led me to imagine that residue images are activated by anonymous photographer. More tracking to find the photographer more we know that is a meaningless. Because images are generated by anonymous. How those images of death are reappeared? In this video, three perforemrs reenacted as student, photographer, soldier switching their roles.