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   Nameless head 

   if I only had the nerve

   gray matter 


   Quartz Cantos
   Soft Copy Drama
   Homo duplex   
   L’eau du fleuve 
   Palisade Park
   Crocodile tears


   Night and Fog

   Avoided names under the hard skin

   Ohotsk High Pressure


   Organum II - skin graft 

   Organum I


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   Liquid Script
   Exhibiting the Moving Image
   Quartz Cantos
   Soft Copy Drama



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Soft Copy Drama

Exhibition and Performance          three video works         three weeks                         
Pre-Post Jeonjagi                                                            2015

This solo show happened in a house where the place was filmed for a horror movie sequences. And reflectively the video installed for the show.  

Commissioned by SeMA
Directed and conceived by KIM Woong Yong

Cast: JANG Yuju, HAN Via, LEE Soyeon
1st assistant of director: SEO Jimin
Director of photography: KIM Hong Min
Assistant of photography: YANG Junmo, SEO Jungmi
Graphic and Editor: KIM Woong Yong
Screen designer: PARK Giljong
Graphic design: Ordinary People