single channel video                     15min 05s                  color
stereo                                            kr/jp                           2017

Directed and conceived by KIM Woong Yong

Cast: KIM Naeri, HAN Yeseul
Director of photography: KIM Woong Yong
Sound designer: KIM Woong Yong
Graphic and editor: KIM Woong Yong

I putted together two different types of narrative on future that 2001: Space Odyssey(1968) and one of famous occult Christian eschatology in Korea(1994), called “Hugeo”. Both illustrate the future and they had not realized. Time is delayed and floating as a potential time. Its potentiality and delay remind me junkie data on network beleiving that is removed. The original script of Space Odyssey translated to Korean language for narration of this work and there images excerpted from Hugeo syndrom and collecting 1990’s similar end syndrome.