Ohotsk High Pressure (오호츠크해 고기압: 결정된 우연에 반응하는 에피소드들)

realtime video performance                         60min                        color
stereo                                                           Kr                              2014

Performed lively on screen by realtime transmission interface with programmed lights and lip-synch with extracted voice from Korean mystery genre movies in 1970’s.

Supported and commisionned by SFAC
Directed and choreographed by KIM Woong Yong

Cast: JO Sujeong, JANG Hyunjun, SEOK Ilwoo
Director of photography: KIM Woong Yong
Camera of stage: JUNG Dawool
Design of stage: CHOI Jong Woon
Sound designer: YU Hojeong
Graphic design: Antenna