3 channel synched video              17min 30s                  b/w color
stereo                                            kr/jap                         2018

Installed triptych screen by immersive simulation play mode.

Commissioned by SeMA 서울시립미술관
Directed and conceived by KIM Woong Yong

Cast: Kim Seungbi, LIM Hyunwoo
1st assistant of director: LEE Jin
Director of photography: JO Sunghwan
Assistant photography: LEE Soohyung, LIM Jeonghyun, KANG Jeonghoon, KIM Hyesu, JUNG In
Location sound: YOON Pyounghwa
Data manager: AHN Jiyoung
3 channel editor: KIM Woong Yong
Sound designer: JANG Joongoo
Computer graphic: JO Youngjo

SeMA curator: YEOH Kyounghwan

It is about two different time layers on a same image as Japanese Red Army landed in Korea in 1970 and simulation game stage at an airport. As unreal story the JRA history highjacked a plane and made a forced landing at airport in Seoul. They followed utopian land but failed. However, the simulation game makes mixed reality as the JRA agents are still at the airport to follow utopia. It does not stop till an error occurs, a hole for another reality. I made this work as two layers of time are intersected in parallel using with historical failed utipian footages and virtual characters.